Monday, November 10, 2008

well, little blog, it has been a while.
3 jobs, 2 houses, 3 different countries, a plethora of different housemates (some more temporary than others) and a few wacky adventures since my last entry and I am currently sitting on the sofa drinking tea (mostly cinnamon) and trying to recover from a nasty little cold that seems to have taken up residence in my head (urgh.) I am not quite ill enough to justify genuine staying-in-bed-watching-tv-all-day recovery, but it's reading week anyway so I gratefully accepted an excuse to miss my 11 o clock lecture and am planning to head in for my 5 o'clock seminar. It's on the political philosophy of John Locke - minus the property ownership part which we covered last week. I spent all day on friday in the library reading up on him but for some reason I can't really seem to grasp what his fundemental points are - apart from separation of power, which I agree with, and that we need laws to be free, which I'm not so sure about. I have a couple of books sitting next to me which would probably explain it to me but I want to do a bit of tidying before I go into uni, and maybe watch a film (Legally Blonde - guilty pleasure) so perhaps it will happen - possibly not.

Erm sooooo, recent developments - like everyone in the blogosophere, and indeed the western world, I too am quite pleased that Barack Obama will in January take on the duties of the new president of the USA. Not being American I don't think it has as much resonance for me, which makes sense I think, but still, after the last guy it's nice to see an American President who can string a sentence together (remarkably well actually) so I think cautious optimism is probably a good stance to take regarding our friends over the ocean - for the first time in a very long time, which is no small achievement. So good on him.

I'm trying to find German lessons in Leeds - preferably a night course if possible, at a basic level. I have some experience of German but only a very very very small amount, having studied it for two years in school but not even at GCSE level. I'm spending next year at Heidelberg University, which will be amazing, but will require a better knowledge of the language than I have at present!