Thursday, October 22, 2009

an interesting facebook debate...

Gareth McFakesurname Protest against the BNP being on question time outside the BBC centre on Oxford road. Party starts at 5.
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Zak Fakenamery

i wish i could join u laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
8 hours ago

Philippa Dee (me)

dont get me wrong, I hate the BNP as much as any other self respecting person with a brain, but surely the appropriate place to focus that anger is towards the BNP themselves? Isnt it one of the benefits of living in a free society that people are able to express their views, however abhorrant they are? and furthermore, personally I think it is far... Read More better strategically to have those views discussed in an open forum so that they can be defeated in argument and the BNP can be exposed as the racist bunch of twats they are, rather than simply brushing them under the carpet and pretending they arent there. if anything that would just make them feel vindicated at having a victim/underdog mentality, and with the state of British politics at the moment, that would be a verz dangerous thing to do. We have a massively disenfranchised voting public - some of whom might sadly be persuaded to vote BNP, and giving that party any illusion of credibility and adding credence to their claims of being persecuted is likely to do far more in their favor than simply defeating them in argument on a bbc news show
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Fakey mcFakename
why should they not have their say they are a legit political party who receive hundreds of thousands if not a million votes. they represent this country in europe, furthermore i am going to enjoy tonights program or try to nick is a very articulate man but i fear he will not get a word in edge ways as he will be booed and jeered like a pantomime ... Read Morevillan.
also i have never or willi vote bnp but if he can get mps to get things done about immigration and things that affect ordinary council estate folk then im all for him appearing on the show.
7 hours ago

Gareth McFakesurname

Everyone knows what the BNP are like that they are a rascist organisation with a "if your White your all right policy". So why give them the platform to spout off about how Muslims should be forced out the country with there "incentivised repatriation", even if your British.

So, if the public fury aimed at the likes of jade goody et al, and their rascism and homophobic rants / coments, why the hell would you want Hitlers youth on the telly trying to tell the common man why the UK should be White only? Is it because they want to be seen as a legitimate political party? No, I doubt that veryuch. It should be something when even the Tories and there right-wing polish alies refuse to be seated next to them.

The BBC question time is really labour v BNP and let's be honest jack straw isn't exactly going "stick it to 'em" is he? Christ putting anyone against labour at present will make the other look good. ... Read More

If the newspaper reports are to be believed (which I doubt as there all full of stories created in a reporters head and based very loosely on fact) questions and audience members are going to be screened and vetted... Gotta love democracy ain't ya?

All that's happening is we are allowing them an hour long party political broadcast to more people than they would otherwise be able to get at. We know what there like, we know what they stand for, so why legitimise what is tecnically inciting racial hatred? I thought we had a law against that? Only in a democracy, the myth that we are all free...
6 hours ago

Francis NotRealName
good luck to you pal, if i was in the country id be there too
6 hours ago

Fakey mcFakename
i hope you showed this much enthusiasm when our returning troops were being goaded and barracked by muslim fanatics mate i hope you were calling for all of them calling our lads the butchers of baghdad to be arrested for incitement after all if i were a soldier id of opened fire there and then.
6 hours ago

Gareth McFakesurname
People are nieve to think that nick griffen and the BNP will make an ass of themselves tonight. This is the moment they have been waiting for, this will be slick and well rehearsed... But we know what they stand for. Let's watch the car crash then...
6 hours ago

Gareth McFakesurname

Plus frank above has had the delight of meeting the BNPs political team. Shake with one hand destroy a pub with the other...
6 hours ago

Paul Notarealsurname
What's wrong with BNP?? I get my petrol there all the time, they even do a points card now... Awesome!
3 hours ago

Philippa Dee

I agree that the BNP are a bunch of racist cunts but it doesn't change the fact that just because you don't like what some people say, it doesn't take away their right to say it. Besides, surely it is better for the British viewing public to see the debate so that they can better understand the situation and (hopefully) reach the conclusion that it's better not to give any support to a bunch of racist cunts? denying them a platform just gives them the opportunity to paint themselves as martyrs.
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Sameera Fakelastname

Freedom of speech has to be limited when it incites people to behave violent towards non- white people! Giving them a platform is almost like accepting their policies and making them equal to any other party.
about an hour ago

Philippa Dee

I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree there Sameera - I don't think giving them a platform is at all like accepting their policies and making them equal to any other party. It's a tough one, because obviously I don't approve of their message, but I think apart from anything else people need to stop underestimating the British viewing public, ... Read Moremost of whom are not so stupid as to watch a BNP debate and then decide, uninformed, to vote for them. If anything, the controversy and media coverage that this debacle has created should serve to inform people about just how racist and unacceptable some BNP policies are.

to illustrate: I know that a few months ago, a racist group (it escapes me who exactly) organised a protest in Leeds. Unite Against Fascism organised a counter protest - a huge number of people turned up to show support AGAINST the fascists, and it was a really successful way of showing that the majority of people don't hold such abhorrant, racist views. That's democracy and that's living in a free society. When we don't like what someone says, we use our freedom to TELL them and SHOW them that we don't like it. We don't stop them from saying it at all. That, ironically enough, would be fascist.
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Gareth mcFakesurname

The BNP already paint themselves as martyrs anyway. The thing i object to is the hypocritical nature that racism is banned on TV, it is socially unacceptable yet you give Nick Griffin his hour of fame. He has links with and photo's with the KKK and others of that ilk. Surely that breaches the BBC's own rules?

People think he's going to look stupid, but he wont. This will be the BNP's finest hour, there not going to be grilled enough and now they will claim legitimacy, a bit like Jean Marie Le-Penn...

A democracy gives people the choices to do what they wish (democracy is a myth but that's for another day), i choose to rally against them and not give them anything, i'd rather they painted themselves as martyrs than capitalise on the current distrust of politicians....

Martin: Why would i celebrate the abuse that british and american soldiers get? They are there at the bidding of our corrupt government and deserve public backing even if you think the war was based on a large pile of non-existant evidence. I support our troops, but i don't believe that a fascist and racist group holds the key to peace and security in the UK or the world. If anything i'd say that voting BNP will cause more problems for everyone. Plus selecting a small sample of a population and then saying 'they are all the same" is extremely narrow minded. The BNP wish they could get millions of votes, they probably will after tonight though.
about an hour ago